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Unity is the ultimate game development platform. Use Unity to build high-quality 3D and 2D games, deploy them across mobile, desktop, VR/AR, consoles or the Web, and connect with loyal and enthusiastic players and customers.

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    This is not for a component, but for the instance of the gameObject in the hierarchy. When I select it and go to the inspector, there is no way to deactivate it.

    compared to the docs:

    The only way to get the box to show up is to select *two* gameObject instances at the same time. But then I have to deactivate a...

    No checkbox for activating/disabling gameObject in the inspector?

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  • 06/25/17--23:09: Buoyancy script
  • Just Archimedes' law:

    Requires a collider and rigidbody components.

    I've updated the script:
    1) The old one didn't take into account object rotation and consequently produced wrong results sometimes.
    2) The new one draws nice gizmos

    Version 2.1

    1. I decided to not calculate density from volume, because volume "calculation" itself is quite inaccurate. It's easer to specify the correct density manually.
    2. Now it works with concave...

    Buoyancy script

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  • 06/25/17--23:10: [WIP] Vegetation Studio
  • Vegetation Studio Features
    We are happy to introduce Vegetation Studio, coming to Unity Asset Store this fall.

    Vegetation Studio is a vegetation placement and rendering system designed to replace the standard tree and detail system in the Unity terrain component. Vegetation is spawned on the terrain based on a flexible set of rules, and controlled with both texture and polygon masks.

    Use your existing trees (SpeedTree, Tree Creator etc.), rocks and grass textures....

    [WIP] Vegetation Studio

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    So if game project become bigger, script's number become more, code line become longer.

    And to access to other script, Somescript.Instance.somevarOrFunction method is well used.
    Isn't it? Are there more neat and nicer way?

    Problem is, if project bigger and complicated, there become many .Instance codes appeared.

    This can hurt readability of code. Any solutions?

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    [UPDATE] DWP has been released and is now available on the Unity Asset Store: Unity Asset Store.

    This is a WIP forum, for the release version check this link.

    Simulation is based on object's mesh which eliminates need for tweaking based on object shape and makes is suitable for wide range of applications -...

    [WIP][Released] Dynamic Water Physics - Realistic. Fast. Universal.

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    Turbo Platform Switch (TPS)

    Why use Turbo Platform Switch?

    When working on a multi-platform project in Unity, you often have to switch between platforms to test compatibility, see if things work as intended, and tweak things on each and every platform.

    The larger your project gets, the longer the switch time becomes. It can become a serious setback in your development process.

    Turbo Platform...

    Turbo Platform Switch - Essential tool for Unity developers

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    UNITY 5 Ready!
    UVPaint creates decals and immediately bakes them in needed ShaderProperty texture on 3D objects. It allows you to draw a variety of accessories and decals into the 3D model at runtime without losing performance and video memory. Very easy and intuitive code. ...

    ZzZzZ UVPaint ( skinned mesh Decal+Texturing System) ZzZz

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    Normally, when making simple small games I create a 'Game' script that handles everything.

    On my larger projects, I tend to create a lot of small scripts, but lately I've been thinking I should add them all to 1 'Game' script as I'm now starting to struggle to find where things are in my scripts.

    So I'm just wondering what you guys do?

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    Hey guys, my first post I think.

    Not sure if this has been done before or if it's built in to Unity (if not, it should be), did some searching and nothing turned up...

    I rolled a simple PropertyDrawer and PropertyAttribute script which allows you to use the HelpBox you see in various places inside the Unity IDE, to decorate your inspector properties. Using a [HelpAttribute] you can set the text content and icon image to show help text \and usage information or instructions above any...

    HelpAttribute - allows you to use HelpBox in the Unity inspector window

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  • 06/25/17--23:19: Var assigned; Value not used
  • I'm trying to write a C# script and I keep getting an annoying warning that I assigned a var but never use it, but I do use it. Still the error persists.

    Code (CSharp):
    2.         //In update  
    3.         int testVar = 0;
    4.         testVar = 0; //Stupid error that it is never used

    *EDIT: Meanwhile this clears the error, is this how you script in C#? Is this normal?
    Code (CSharp):
    1.        int...
    Var assigned; Value not used

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    Bad Word Filter (BWF)

    The "Bad Word Filter" (aka profanity or obscenity filter) is exactly what the title suggests: a tool to filter swearwords and other "bad sentences".

    There are multiple uses for the "Bad Word Filter" in your game, but the three most obvious would be user names (e.g. for high-scores), in a chat within the game and character names.

    If you don't want some...

    Bad Word Filter - Solution against profanity/obscenity

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    Have you ever wanted to implement radio stations but don't want (or can't) pay an horrendous amount of money?
    Whenever you like to provide good sound from famous artists for your games or apps, tune in on one of the uncountable Internet MP3 and OGG radio stations available for free.

    Thanks to this asset, it is now possible for all Unity...

    Radio - MP3 and OGG-streaming solution

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    Hi, have been testing some forest rendering with DrawMeshInstancedIndirect with good result, but need to do frustum culling to make it perform as good as possible with shadows.

    I take it you could use a compute shader to calculate the visible objects. Not that familiar with how to go about that though. Anyone have an example of working with result buffers from compute shaders or if you have done frustum culling that would be really appreciated.


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  • 06/26/17--00:50: DirectX 11 Grass Shader
  • DirectX 11 Grass Shader

    An affordable ($20) way of getting great grass to your project.

    Short feature overview:
    High performance:
    Scaleable from low to high end! (DirectX 11 is required)

    Easy to use:
    Get great results with just a few clicks.

    Highly customizable:
    From underwater scenes to alien landscapes. Useable for every art style.

    Dynamic reaction:
    Reacts dynamically...

    DirectX 11 Grass Shader

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  • 06/26/17--00:51: True Random
  • True Random

    Why use True Random?

    “True Random” can generate random numbers for you or your game. They are “truly random”, because they are generated with atmospheric noise, which supersedes the pseudo-random number algorithms typically use in computer programs.

    People use True Random for holding drawings, lotteries and sweepstakes, to drive online games, for scientific applications and for...

    True Random

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    Have you ever wanted to make a game for people with visual impairment or who have difficulties reading? Do you have lazy players who don't like to read too much? Or do you even want to test your game's voice dialogues without having to pay a voice actor yet? With RT-Voice this is very easily done – it's a major time saver!

    RT-Voice uses...

    RT-Voice - Run-time text-to-speech solution

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    Hey everyone,

    usually, it took about 1-2 minutes to build the usual scenes in my project (3 scenes, ~1.5GB final build size, hardware: I7 CPU@3.40 GHz, 8GB RAM). Now, after upgrading to Unity 5.6, it takes about 20 minutes. Most of the build time is taken by globalgamemanagers.assets (~14 min) and resources.assets (~6 min). Something seems to be pretty wrong here. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea what's causing this explosion of build time.

    Is someone...

    Unity 5.6 - Build Time is way too long

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    Greetings! I want to introduce you to the next VR project for PC and mobile called "Equilibrium VR"

    Follow news about my projects on

    Winter Scene: Here
    Spring Scene: Here

    Released in...

    Equilibrium VR - flying template project for google cardboard

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    I'm working / prototyping a mmorpg and i can't find a proper modular level design pipeline (workflow) for create a large, scalable and performance environment.

    Like Black desert online :

    Unity terrain tool? other external program?

    Any advice?


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    I have been trying to export an Google Android Project from Unity so I can integrate an external library with Gradle.

    I am using :
    - Unity 5.4 Beta 18 OSX
    - Android Studio 2.1.1

    I had first attempted to use Unity 5.3.4 & 5.3.5 but it was crashing on launch in what appeared to be an issue with the Unity IAP export when building a Google Android Project. A bit of research lead me to believe that the issue was resolved in the latest 5.4 Beta, however now I am getting a Multiple define error...

    Android Project - Multiple dex files define Lcom/android/vending/billing/BuildConfig

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